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6 years ago
Hello everybody! The key in Q2 and Q3 is different from my answers. Could you please explain your choice? Thank you very much!

“I enjoyed business studies at school and wanted to (1) INCREASE my knowledge of the subject so I decided to study it at university. Also I knew it would be (2) USEFUL later when I looked for a job. At first, the course wasn’t quite (3) WHAT I had expected because it didn’t cover the subjects I was particularly interested (4) IN . We spent lots of time studying a range of subjects (5) LIKE law and economics but I soon (6) REALIZED these are things you need to understand. In class we work in groups, preparing ideas, we then (7) SHARE them with the others. Now we are learning how to make business plans and we can see how they would (8) ACTUALLY / PRESENTLY / EXACTLY apply to the world of business. We have a very busy (9) ... life at the university so whatever subject you study, you must be (10) KEEN on it or you won’t make yourself find the time to study.”