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Adverb indicating a recent action in Thai

4 years ago

Do you know the meaning of จะๆ / jà jà?

Let me give you a clue with how we use it in a sentence 

ฉัน / เห็น / เขา / จะๆ
chǎn / hěn / khǎo / jà jà
I (female) / see / him / ...
- เขา / เพิ่ง / วิ่ง / ไป / จะๆ
khǎo / phə̂əŋ / wîng / bpai / ....
He / just / ran / go (directional verb) / ...

As you may notice, when googling it or checking it in a dictionary, there is no specific meaning for the word จะๆ / jà jà
Thai people use จะๆ / jà jà after the verb to indicate a recent action.
Please note that you can use จะๆ / jà jà only when you can see an object or situation with your own eyes

For example, I could say
รถ เพิ่ง ผ่าน ไป จะๆ / rót phə̂əng phàan bpai jà jà
if I saw a bus was passing,
but if I come to a bus station and guess a bus just passed,
รถ ไป แล้ว / rót bpai láew sounds better in this case.
Note - The word ฉัน / chǎn and เขา / khǎo are pronounced as chán and kháo when we speak.

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