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때 after some event or period=During....

2 months ago

때 after some event or period=During....

저녁 때 During dinner/evening time, in the evening

방학 때 During the school vacation

회의 때 During the meeting

휴가 때 During a vacation

고등학교 때 During high school

중학교 때 During middle school

초등학교 때 During elementary school

대학교 때 During University

수업 때 During the class

점심 때 During lunch time

장마 때 During the rainy season

썰물 때 During low tide

정전 때 during a power outage

정전 때 during the war

파티 때 During the party

유아기 때 in infancy

소송 때 During the time of litigation

입장 때 During the entrance/at the entrance

결혼식 때 at the wedding

장례식 때 at a funeral

저녁 때 어디에서 만날까요?

[저녁 때 어디에서 만날까요]

Where should we meet in the evening?

방학 때 저는 미국으로 여행갑니다

[ 방학 때 저는 미구그로 여행감니다]

I travel to America during vacation.

회의 때 품질 개선 방법을 토의합시다

[ 회이 때 품찔 개선 방버블 토이합씨다]

Let's discuss ways to improve quality at the meeting.

휴가 때 어디 가세요?

[휴가 때 어디 가세요]

Where are you going on vacation?

고등학교 때 저는 수학을 좋아했어요

[ 고등학꾜 때 저는 수하글 조아해써요]

When I was in high school, I loved math.

수업 때 졸지 마세요

[수업 때 졸지 마세요]

Don't doze off in class.

점심 때 뭘 드시겠어요?

[점심 때 뭘 드시게써요]

What would you like to eat for lunch?

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