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5 years ago


The Letter Challenge returns....we continue with the letter "I".
Please comment your thoughts below
add an idiom or phrase beginning with "I" in your native language.

Here's the origin of the challenge:
A few days ago I was talking with a student about New Year’s Resolutions. We were quite positive about what we were going to achieve in 2019. One of her ideas was to try new things for each letter of the alphabet, so I thought I would take that idea and apply it to language learning. I will be posting an idiom and a vocabulary word for each letter of the alphabet.


It takes two to tango

Definition: Two people/parties are required to take part in an activity, especially in relation to fighting or having a relationship.

Joe: Are you making dinner this evening?
Mary: Excuse me? I always make the dinner.
Joe: No, you don’t.
Mary: Yes, I do. You need to do more around the house Joe, this is a relationship and it takes two to tango.



Definition: A situation in which no progress can be made.
Example 1
Paul: I think we should go to the Mexican restaurant.
Tony: No, definitely not. What about Indian?
Paul: Absolutely not!
Tony: Well...we seem to have reached an impasse.

Example 2
Unfortunately, the trade treaty depends on an end to the impasse between America and China, progress seems unlikely.