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Arabic Language Learning

10 days ago
In this discussion I will not talk about the Arabic language from lingustic point of view because I think all languages share the same lingustic basics and the differences lie in the structure of each language, but rather I will share some essential points for not native. I would like to introduce these points as a native arabic speaker who lives in one of an arabic countries.
The first thing you might know Arabic language is a not easy language to master and that's fairly true, the not true is that it is not easy to learn. I think if you would learn reading and writing arabic sentences you can in less few days of studying, learning how to pronounce and write each letter and learning the basic "3 harakat", each letter spans 3 pronunciations, and depending on its location in the words, it takes "3 different writing forms" at most, begining, middle, and end of the words. Some of letters must be disconnected from previous or/and former letters. That was easy you can build a logical map of above discussion and add more.
Now you might read and write with out understanding, that is great but this is a basic part of the atomic structure of the language, you need to understand what you read or write, this is might be easy you know the answer is computer based language translator and comparing the word with your original language. But unfourtunately this is not so helpful, what you have to learn is the basics of the "grammatical structure" of arabic language, with out these basics you will not be able to understand what you read. The arabic language is diverse and no one can learn everything, but remmember that Arabic language is "a 3 letter root ", almost arabic words whether nounes or verbs derive from 3 letter root word and a specific modification in the structure of the word can be applied to get new words, that was very powerful, and if you want to speed up your language learning with out spending time in collecting a lot of jargon words, you must need to learn the grammatical structure of the language.
Let's talk about the other two language skills namely, speaking and listening. You might know arab people are not talking formal arabic languge, all of them they can understand most of written or spoken in modern arabic language, but they communicate using informal language with different accents depending on the country or even on the city. If you want to learn specific accent then you might need to spend much time in that country, but again you must learn grammatical structure if you wish to understand modern arabic language.
Happy language learning and I hope this discussion was helpful.
Islam K. Sharawneh