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Are making mistakes in your second language a good or bad thing?

6 years ago
Call me crazy!!
I’ve come to realize that making mistakes can be a very positive thing, especially for advanced students! You see, if you don’t make any mistakes in conversational speaking, you are using vocabulary and expressions that you already know. So you may not be learning anything new. However, when you get adventurous and try something new there is a chance you’ll say it wrong. That’s when I’d step in and help out with the learning process.
In the new star wars movie Luke skywalker taught me a great new learning phrase......”the most powerful way of learning something is by failing.“
So even though failing can be embarrassing at times, I see it as a stepping stone to be becoming more confident and natural in your second language.
So, book a class soon with me and see just how much fun failing can be, and see how good it can be as part of the learning process!