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Are you a patient reader?

5 years ago
How much time do you spend reading?
How dedicated are you to reading things properly?

I like reading things really thoroughly. When I read a book I don't start another one until I've completely finished the one I'm reading and I take time to read it carefully, absorbing every last detail.

What's your attitude towards reading?
Have you ever read a book with more than 1,000 pages? How long did it take to finish?
What's your reading style?

In today's world it seems like there is less time for reading longer texts more carefully. I can see the value of up to date and instant pieces of information. It's important for business and for daily activities. We live in a world of twitter and news headlines being updated on an hourly basis.

Which is better, instant information, or sitting with a book written more than 50 years ago, which will take you more than a month to finish?