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Aretha Franklin Queen of Soul Language in Her Music and Voice

6 years ago
Aretha Franklin has passed away today God Bless Her Soul. She provided the world her language of music and her beautiful voice. I am forever grateful for her music and inspiration. One of the many English speech techniques I teach my students is how to improve their English pronunciation by listening to songs such as Aretha Franklin's. Listening and developing your intonation tone of voice with beautiful songs will help you to pronounce English to sound American or the way that you want to sound. Pronunciation is all about getting control of your tone of voice to creating a new habit of speech for another language that is different from your own native language.

I am happy to help you improve your English pronunciation, and or your other skills for your English language fluency. Review my schedule of availability and choose dates times that are best for you.

You may learn more about Aretha Franklin at her website at the following link.