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6 years ago
Hi all!

What I'm about to tell you is absolutely true. It's a conversation I had with my son the other day. So, Oliver was telling me about when he was trampolining in the back garden of his friend Ryan's house a couple of years ago. And he said: "Then Ryan's uncle came out into the back garden and set up a pile of mouldy old clothes and papers and started a bonfire."

"Oh really? Why did he do that?"

And Oliver, deadpan, casually, uttered these important words: "Well, Daddy, he said he was burning his prison documents."

And so, I asked: "Oh? Prison? What was he in prison for, son?"

And, right before I sprayed my tea all over the both of us, Oliver replied: "...Arson."

I shit thee gnott! This conversation really took place, just last Sunday evening.

Don't kids say and do the absolutely fuuuuuunniest things? What funny things have kids who you know said that made you laugh your ass off? Share your stories with us, please!