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AUTUMN BUCKET LIST - learn Italian with fun!

6 years ago

Autumn is the season I love the most!

To me this is the perfect moment for new beginnings and good intentions, and many times I try to accomplish my goals by putting them into lists.

If one of your goals for 2018 is to learn Italian or improve it, I think that this bucket list could be a good start! It's a pleasent and challenging way to put yout target language into action😀
And here is a list of reasons why I would invite you to take part to this funny challenge with me:

- for 31 days you will be part of a widespread learning community
- for 31 days you could try to go beyond your limits with very simple daily actions
- for 31 days you will learn how to use the imperative tense of 31 Italian verbs
- for 31 days you will learn with fun and without even knowing you're learning ;-)
- for 31 days you will see closer what fall looks like here in Italy
- for 31 days you will have the chance to get a discount coupon for your next lessons here

I can't wait for you to join the challenge!