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Beagnach báite nó beagnach sábháilte? [Nearly drowned or nearly saved?] Cé acu ab fhearr leat? [Which would you prefer?]

6 years ago
Arbh fhearr leat a bheith beagnach báite nó beagnach sábháilte? [Would you prefer to be nearly drowned or nearly saved?]

It's a kind of riddle or trick question the older people would often ask us when we were kids, I guess for fun as well as to train us to think before speaking too fast.
Another was about a man who once held aloft a picture and said:
"Brothers and sisters I have none. This man's father is my father's son."
Who was it in the picture that he was talking about?

Who can say it in Irish Gaelic, or any other language you know or are learning? Ideally it should rhyme.