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Best Netflix Shows to Learn Spanish

4 years ago
¡Hola a todos!

In the following post I'll recommend you my top 5 Netflix shows to learn Spanish:

1. La Casa de Papel (Spain)

The most watched show on Netflix that wasn't filmed in English. A criminal mastermind who goes by "The Professor" has a plan to pull off the biggest heist in recorded history -- to print billions of euros in the Royal Mint of Spain. To help him carry out the ambitious plan, he recruits eight people with certain abilities and who have nothing to lose. The group of thieves take hostages to aid in their negotiations with the authorities, who strategize to come up with a way to capture The Professor. As more time elapses, the robbers prepare for a showdown with the police.

If you like adventure and police fiction, this is your show!

2. Morocco: Love in Times of War (Spain)

Did you know that there are 2 Spanish cities in the African continent? Yes, Ceuta y Melilla, and those are the only 2 land borders between the European Union and an African contry (Morocco). Well, the plot of this show is set there.

It's the 1920s and the North African territory of Rif is resisting being ruled by Morocco, leading to the War of Rif. During the conflict, Queen Victoria Eugenia of Spain sends a group of nurse trainees from Madrid's upper class to open a hospital in the city of Melilla to help Spanish soldiers who have been injured in battle. Along the way, the women find friendship and romance while saving the lives of the soldiers on the front lines.

This is a historical show, so you'll learn a lot of history and a side of both Spain and Morocco that many of us didn't know.

3. Distrito Salvaje (Colombia)

If you want to focus more on Latin American Spanish, this show is a great pick!

Jhon Jeiver is a lethal guerrilla fighter who escapes the jungle after the signing of the Colombian Peace Agreements. He arrives in Bogotá escaping from his past and tries to reinsert himself into society while looking to reconnect with his long-lost family; He soon finds himself wrapped in a web of crime and corruption, struggling to understand the ways of the concrete jungle, protect his family from his past, and facing the moral dilemma of choosing what side of the law on which he wants to be.

This show will allow you to learn a lot about Colombian culture and about all the difficult situations many people went through due to the gerrilla conflict.

4. Celia (Cuba-USA)

Do you like salsa? Then this is your show!

Celia tells the story of one of the legends of Latin music and her major international career: Celia Cruz. The first episode show the beginnings of Celia's passion for singing in her native Cuba starting in 1950, and her recognition as the most decisive singer of La Sonora Matancera. Leaving Cuba with her future husband Pedro Knight, a trumpeter with La Sonora Matancera, the series follows her departure from Cuba to Mexico soon after the Castro revolution took control of the island in 1959. The series then showcases her subsequent move to New York City, and follows her early days there, and then how her career conquered markets in other languages as she became one of the most recognized Salsa singers of all time. She honored the musical genre with her signature phrase "Azucar" (Sugar). The series showcases her love and longing for her Cuban country, always hoping that a positive change would come during her lifetime. Celia Cruz has become an invaluable legacy in the world. She was renowned internationally as the "Queen of Salsa", "La Guarachera de Cuba", as well as "The Queen of Latin Music."

This show is full of music, dance and Cuban flavor. The Spanish spoken here is Carabbean Spanish, slightly different from the Colombian Spanish that we can hear in Distrito Salvaje, though both of them share common Latin American sounds.

5. El Barco (Spain)

This show takes us to Spain again, this time for some mistery.

A global cataclysm, caused by a fatal accident in Geneva, Switzerland, during the implementation of a particle accelerator, leaves the crew and students of the barque school-ship Estrella Polar (Polar Star) isolated in a post-apocalyptic world where most of the world's land mass is now under water. The ship becomes their home in this isolated world. However, apart from the isolation, they also discover they are not alone, and must face "the others".

If you've already seen any of these shows, let me know in the comments below! Also, if you have any questions any expressions used on this shows please leave your questions in the comments, I'll be responing. And if you prefer to book a FREE lesson with me. Then go to my Verbling profile and book your trial lesson, I'm willing to meet you.

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