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Business English > Asking for and expressing opinions

6 years ago
Business English > Asking for and expressing opinions

The world is full of opinions and the workplace is no different. You will agree with some of these opinions and disagree with others, while a few of them may make you want to tear your hair out!

However, when it is time for you to express an opinion, it is important that you can do so politely. We do this by using ‘softening’ words such as ‘ I think’, ‘ I feel’, ´I tend to think´, ‘from my point of view´ and ‘in my opinion’.  By using these words to help express your opinion, it is more likely that your views will be taken on board by others.

Of course, communication is a two-way process and it is essential that you allow others the opportunity to give their opinion also. Therefore, in this post I have included some useful questions and phrases that you can use to both ask for and express opinion.

>> Asking for Opinions
How do you feel about that, Edward?
Could you please share your thoughts on that, Padraic?
What’s your view on this, Mark?
Sam, what’s your feeling on this?
What’s your reaction to that, Peter?
What would you like to add?

>>Expressing Opinions
I have the impression that Mark is not too keen on the idea
Don’t you think that that’s a little late to start?
I think it’s a bit too expensive for us at this point in time.
Well, from my point of view, we will be ready by June.
I tend to feel that we are overextending ourselves here.
In my opinion, we are no closer now than we were before.

Useful Vocabulary
Tear your hair out: To be extremely anxious, frustrated, or stressed out about something.
>> She’s been tearing her hair out over her upcoming exams.

To take something on board: To consider an idea, problem or situation and try to deal with it
>> We will take your views on board and give you an answer by tomorrow.