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C1 (CAE) Phrasal Verbs using TEDTalks!

4 years ago
Hey guys,

I often find that using TED motivational talks is a great way to improve your English listening skills, the talks offer a wide variety of accents and endless phrasal verbs.

Have you used them before? Did you find them useful?

Check this one out "30 day challenge" and see how many of the following phrasal verbs you can spot and later put into use!


Phrasal verbs
1 Stuck in a rut
2 Follow in the footsteps of someone
3 Pretty simple
4 It turns out
5 Time flying by
6 A desk dwelling nerd
7 I figured out
8 Do something from scratch
9 By the way
10 It’s more likely to stick
11 It was a ton of fun
12 Give it a shot