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Calling all Punctuation Buffs

6 years ago
The possessive apostrophe often causes problems as in this extract from an online newspaper:

"The former PP national government said any move towards a region's becoming an independent nation, even a non-binding referendum, went against the Spanish Constitution" (https://www.thinkspain.com/news-spain/30708/sanchez-moves-catalunya-politicians-to-jails-closer-to-home?utm_campaign=newsletter_20180708&utm_content=news_12390&utm_medium=email&utm_source=sub_newsletter)

My first reaction was to ignore the 's (ie consider it a typo) but now I'm wondering if it's correct in some way. I suppose it depends if 'becoming' is a gerund or a present participle. And what is the subject of the 'went'? What do you think?