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Christmas Phrasal Verbs

6 years ago
If you know anymore Christmas phrasal verbs please write them below.
Christmas Phrasal Verbs!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody!
Here are a few phrasal verbs to learn over the festive period.
1. 'Looking forward to (smth)' - to anticipate something with joy i.e. I'm really looking forward to opening all my presents.
2.'Put off' - to delay doing something till a later date i.e. I've put off doing all my work till after Christmas.
3. 'Put up' - to stick or fasten a decoration to something i.e. I've put up all my Christmas decorations.
4. 'Hang up' - very similar to 'put up' but usually used with Christmas stockings i.e. I've hung up my Christmas stockings.
5. 'Wrap up' to put paper around a present i.e. I've wrapped up all my Christmas presents.
6. 'Give up' to stop doing something i.e. I'm giving up smoking after Christmas.
7. 'End up' The final place you are without planning to be i.e. We were going to spend Christmas at my mum's but her house was flooded so we've ended up at my Granny's.
8. 'Go out' leave home to go on a social event i.e. We always go out to the pub after Christmas dinner in my village.
9. 'Bump into' to unexpectedly meet someone i.e. I bumped into my old school friend when I was Christmas shopping.
Happy Holidays!