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Common English Words From the Internet, how many do you know?

4 years ago

According to the Global Language Monitor, around 15 new words are added to the English language every day. And many new words have been created by internet users. Here’s a short list of common words that were invented online.


If someone is disappointed or embarrassed, they might cover their face with the palm of their hand. This is called a “facepalm.”

The word “facepalm” first appeared online in 1996, and is now commonly used as both a verb and a noun. For example, “I facepalmed when I couldn't remember her name” or "I should not have said that. Facepalm!"


The word “selfie” is short for “self-portrait photograph.” It was first used online in 2002, and has since become a very popular word, thanks to smartphones and social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.

In 2013, Oxford Dictionary made “selfie” the Word of the Year, and there is even a National Selfie Day!


Spam is a brand of cooked meat that is sold in a can. But in 1993, people on the internet started using the word to refer to any email that is not wanted, especially advertisements. You can use “spam” as a noun or a verb. For example, “I get a lot of spam,” or “Please stop spamming me.”


A “troll” is a type of magical creature. But on the internet, a “troll” is someone who tries to cause problems by writing messages that cause others to argue or become angry. For example, a troll might comment on an article about climate change calling it "fake news," just to start an argument.

Discussion Questions:
Which of the words from the article did you find the most interesting? Do you know any others?

Don't believe everything you read on the internet. - Unknown. Do you agree?

Source: https://app.engoo.com/daily-news/article/common-english-words-from-the-internet/VNh_qA0IEempCGcJvUZHnQ