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This is my first ever write up on verbling. I am feeling great during this writeup. Today, I want to express one of few challenges I faced during my career. Although all of my higher education happened in English medium institutes, but I always remained shy to speak up there even with my close classmates. Now I feel despite of having opportunity, being afraid and shy, I made a terrible mistake, the price of which is still being paid by me. After completing my higher education in Commerce, I joined a multinational company in the field of finance. However during initial years of my career I faced huge mantel stress due to weak communication specifically verbal one as I was more comfortable in email writeup rather than verbal discussion. I was shy in taking part in group discussion and always tried to remained low profile, hiding behind someone and just keeping my mouth shut.
I still remember, that at the end of two-days training session, my trainer's concluding comments involved surprise for me. He said, Mr. Sheraz, "I wished in these two days to listen a single conversation from you, but It remained a wish for me, Hope to see you next year with some words". You may feel my mental status when someone got such comment before a group of whole management team, too bad. I am still trying to go through this shy behaviour although over the years I am much better now although not perfect!
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