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Could you correct some mistakes I've made here?

5 years ago
Admission ticket: Admission to the Hetman Museum - 15 UAH Concession for the students, the pensioners and the owners of “The Kyivan’s card” who can submit the necessary document - 5 UAH Ticket purchasing gives the opportunity to see the ancient building, to feel the aura and the style of Baroque architecture, get acquainted with some interesting exhibits, that represent the Bohdan Khmelnytsky, Ivan Mazepa, Pylyp Orlyk and Pavlo Skoropadsky etc epoch.
Excursion: For more detailed and substantial knowledge on The Cossack Hetmanate (Het’manshchyna) guided tours are offered:
Groups from 1 to 3 people – 50 UAH Groups from 4 to 20 people – 100 UAH Guided tours must be booked 1-2 days in advance.
Interactive excursion: In order to get young visitors excited by the history of our state and for better apprehension and understanding of deep processes of state building one can order an interactive excursion. The price of this service for a group of children (1-10 people) – 200 UAH
The interactive excursion should be ordered 48 hours in advance, the information about the age of the children and their interests is a must.
Birthday party at The Hetman Museum: The Museum gives the opportunity to celebrate your child’s birthday in an interesting and extraordinary way. If your Cossack or Cossachka are persistent connoisseurs of historical past then you have the right place to come. Birthday boy/girl and his/her guests will have the opportunity to find out lots of interesting things about history of The Cossack State – The Cossack Hetmanate (Het’manshchyna), they will also get acquainted with notable hetmans and will try to find the hetman’s treasure in the mysterious stone building.
The price of this service – 270 UAH (group of ten people inclusive).
Masterclasses: Organization and conducting of masterclasses for groups under 5 people with the price of 250 UAH
Special cancellation: Special cancellation with a signet “Hetman Chancery” of indicia to the memorable date - 10 UAH
Exhibitions: Organization, provision of the necessary facilities and maintenance of an art exhibition in The Hetman Museum (20 days) - 1100 UAH
Certificate: Preparing historical certificates for the institutions and organizations according to the request – 150 UAH. The request should be applied in written form.