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Crazy about ice cream

a month ago
This week I have more news for you from the Polski Daily!

Poles love ice cream! I think it’s always been this way, since I can remember Grandma, Grandpa, Mom and Dad have been eating ice cream all summer long. And it’s probably one of the few products which Poles prefer „Polish” - made in Poland, instead of some foreign brands.
„It’s always time for CORAL ice cream!” - the motto of one of the most famous Polish ice cream brands, or the ice cream truck with the most characteristic melody with Algida logo, which all the kids loved and run like crazy towards it after the very first tunes, because, you know, in a minute you’ll be able to spend all your pocket money on something delicious...
Probably in every Polish city there is an ice cream place that has loooooooong queues all summer and everybody says they have the best flavours there. In the recent years the so called „craftsmanlike ice cream” have been wildly popular all around the country. They advertise by saying they prepare their ice cream „as it used to be prepared in the old days” - so according to the old recipes, on real cream, with real fruit, and that they don’t use any substitutes nor chemicals. The best is when they can be proud of the family ice cream business, that has been run by generations. Poles like to support these kind of places, as they believe they’re doing something good and that food from such place would be healthier and more tastier!
But quite popular are also Italian ice cream brands, so gelato, as they have always been considered good quality ice cream. And we have many modern kind of ice cream places, which tempt customers with some crazy flavours – gorgonzola cheese with honey and walnuts, or the kielecki mayonnaise flavoured ones – ridiculous! One thing for sure – we have plenty kinds, brands, flavours and ways of production when it comes to ice cream. We simply love them!