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Crazy British Traditions!

6 years ago
We maybe known for our English cups of tea, our bad weather, and sandals with white socks, but there is more to us than meets the eye....
Let's discover some English traditions that you may not have heard of.
  • Cheese rolling competition - yes it really does exist! Until 2015 when it was banned for health and safety, cheese rolling competitions were held in Cooper’s Hill, Gloucestershire. Although it has been banned, participants still hold "unofficial events" and have as much fun!
  • Bog Snorkelling - what is that, you may ask. Well, in Powys Participants attempt to snorkel through a six-foot deep bog (very muddy water) in the fastest time possible.
  • Nettle Eating Contest in Dorset - Have you ever been stung by a nettle (una ortiga)? If so, you know how painful and itchy it can be. These people must be crazy then, because they actually eat them! The participants have to eat as many nettles as possible in one hour.