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Do all of our fellow Verblingers know what the Questions page is for?

6 years ago
Hi! I have no responsibility nor authority as regards what happens on the Questions page nor elsewhere on the Verbling website; I'm just a humble Verbling teacher like so many others among us. Moreover, I haven't been around here very long - only a few months.

One of the many things I liked about Verbling (and which I would like to go back to liking if it were at all possible!) was the Questions page, which typically was choc-full of interesting, provocative questions about language-learning and cosmopolitania-in-general.

Recently it seems that gone are the days when the Questions page was used for its stated purpose (I refer y'all to the description on the right-hand side of the Questions page); nowadays, it contains wall-to-wall links to watch illegally-obtained video footage and requests for "an exchange of tongues", as it were.

Folks, if we (or even just a few of us) are in the habit of casually, lazily, carelessly, nonchalantly defecating in our sandbox, then most/all of our favourite playmates will pretty quickly stop visiting the sandbox at all, and then we all lose - and all the while our ex-sandbox just gets fuller and fuller of excrement, to the point where it ceases to merit its original name and it becomes instead a veritable sh*tbox. You wreck'n I'm exaggerating at all? Just take a look at the state it's currently in.

As far as I can discern, there's no monitoring and no oversight carried out by actual Verbling employees, so it falls to us -ALL of us- to either keep it clean and tidy, or let it degenerate incessantly.

If this matters to any of yous, then let's all make a concerted effort to use the Questions page properly and continue to enjoy it together.

Thanks for listening tolerantly to my little, friendly rant!