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Do you have a favorite American dish?

6 years ago
A lot of people tell me that the only American foods they can think of are burgers and french fries, however, we have a lot of great options. We are known for our barbecue (BBQ), creole dishes, vegetarian dishes, soul food, pastries and fusions. Of course, we have healthy and unhealthy options for those who are interested.

My favorite American dish is called, chicken riggies. It was created in Upstate, New York. It consists of chicken, rigatoni pasta, bell peppers and scallion (a green onion). On top is a mixture of cream and tomato sauce. I enjoy it most when it's extra spicy! :)

So tell me, what is your favorite American dish? Is there something that you want to try?

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Who said that English couldn't be fun? :)