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Do you know any winter idioms or expressions?

5 years ago
Hi Everyone!
I hope winter isn't too bad where you are! Here are some expressions and idioms linked to winter. Please feel free to add more in the comments and even any in other languages.
Take a chill pill
This means that someone needs to 'calm down' i.e. someone is very angry and their friend says 'take a chill pill man!'.
Cold shoulder
This is a way of saying someone is being ostracized or ignored i.e. I saw David but after he cheated on my friend I gave him the cold shoulder.
Cold turkey
This is a method of giving up an addictive substance. It means that you stop immediately and do not take use the said substance any more. It normally refers to narcotics, tobacco and alcohol i.e. it can be very dangerous for chronic alcoholics to go cold turkey as the shock to their bodies can kill them.
Under the weather
This is a euphemism for feeling sick i.e. I didn't go to work last week because I was really feeling under the weather.
In cold blood
This means something is done in a planned way that has been thought of beforehand. It has very very negative connotations i.e. he murdered his wife in the most cold blooded manner and tried to make it look like an accident.
Snowball effect
This is where something starts as a small problem and then becomes a bigger and bigger problem i.e. The differences between Donald Trump supporters and his opponents weren't so fierce before but it's been a snowball effect and now they really hate each other!' When hell freezes over This is to emphasize that something is impossible and will never happen i.e. 'I will sell this house when hell freezes over.'
Walking on thin ice
This is to say a situation is very dangerous and will have negative consequences i.e. 'Tom is on thin ice at work, if he doesn't get better results he will lose his job!' The tip of the iceberg This means that we are only aware of a tiny fraction of a problem or concept i.e. the politicians that have been caught stealing money are probably only the tip of the ice berg.
Break into a cold sweat
To be very nervous or scared about something i.e. he broke into a cold sweat when he saw the tiger.
(have or get ) Cold feet
This means where you lose your nerve and change your mind i.e. they really liked the house but when it came to buying it they got cold feet because it was so expensive. In the cold light of day This is where you evaluate something clearly without emotions affecting your judgement i.e. even though they were cousins in the cold light of day he realized he had been lied to.
Left out in the cold This is where you are ignored or ostracized i.e. no one at work likes him, he's been left out in the cold.
Out cold This means to be completely unconscious i.e. the punch put him on the floor and he was out cold.
Pour cold water on something This means that you are not keen on an idea and try to discourage it. No one liked his idea and they poured cold water on it.
Break the ice
This means to overcome the initial feelings of social awkwardness people have when they don't know each other well i.e. the staff party was a great ice breaker for everyone.
A snowball’s chance in hell
This means that someone or something has very little chance of success i.e. that boxer has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the fight.
Add fuel to the fire
To make a bad situation worse i.e. the new government scandal is only going to add fuel to the fire and cause more protests.