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Do you know how hard it is to get Chinese driving license?

6 years ago
China is a fast developing country . It seems that it is not difficult any more for any family to buy a car . But you know there is a big problem that in China getting driving license is harder and harder . I guess it is the hardest in the world . First, you have to pay around 700-1000$ to enter a driving school to learn the driving skills. Because there are many students in the school and not very many cars for the students , every student can not get enough chance to practice. After a few day driving study , then the students need to take part in 4 tests . The first test is about driving rules and laws and it is not difficult. The second is about driving skills test that is very very difficult and at least 40% students can not pass , then they have to take part in the second test again and again ... The third test is driving on the street, but many very small mistakes will make the students fail in the test . The last test is also about law and rule test and it is very easy. The shortest time for a student to get the driving license is 40 days and the longest time should be several years . One of many friends spent 6 years and she finally had to give up , but she already spent around 2500$ for it . I am very lucky because I only spent 700$ and in 45 day getting my driving license.
I used to live in Texas of USA for one year and I also got a Texas driving license . Comparing with Chinese driving license , getting Texas driving license is super easy .It took me 15 days and cost me 15 $ .
Could you please tell me how much money it needs to spend and how long it needs to take to get a driving license in your country ?