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Do You Know the Correct Phrasal Verb to Complete the Following Sentences?

5 years ago
1.    The meeting had to be  _________ _____  to a later date because of the holiday.
a) set off     b) put off     c) laid off     d) set to
2.    The film begins at 8.30.  I'll _________  you  _____  at 8.15.
a) pick/up   b) take/out  c) collect/up  d) run/up
3.    Tom is depressed.  He's finding it difficult to   _________ _____   his divorce.
a) get over  b) get past  c) go after     d) give away    
4.    There is no more sugar.  Never mind, we can _______ _______ it!
a) dispense of     b) make up     c) take off     d) do without

5.    Teaching is not easy. Sometimes teachers have to __________ _____  aggressive children.
a)  handle to      b) deal with     c) cope on     d) work out
6.    Alan met Julie by accident.  He  _________ _____  her at the supermarket.
a) walked into     b) crashed into     c) bumped into     d) banged into
7.    The boss wants an explanation.  How do you  _________ _____  the decrease in sales?
a) make up     b) break down     c)  add up     d)  account for
8.     If we   _________ _____  of petrol on this isolated road, we'll be in trouble!
a)  lack in     b) run out     c)  stay out     d) roll out   
9.     Sometimes fighting  _________ _____ among supporters at football matches.
a) takes off     b) starts up      c) breaks out     d) rises up

10.   There will be no press conference tomorrow.  It has been  _________ _____ .
a) called off     b) taken back     c) put away     d) set off.