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Do you know your American English accents?

a month ago
I was born and grew up in Southern England and I have lived in North England for 4 years of my life too and I feel pretty confident about identifying where people are from in the British Isles.🇬🇧

However, I would say I only know the Southern US accent, I think, and maybe the New York accent, it's Tony Soprano basically. "Don't mess with me! And we can do business!"

Native Speakers from the US, thank you.
And students living in the US and interested in US culture, please let me know what you think of the different variety of US accents and if you think you can tell the difference between them all.
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Enjoy this video!

This is another video with more detail, though you need to click on the link "watch on youtube" as there is no preview here. But a very good video about this topic.