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Do you pick forest mashrooms in your country?

a year ago
Hi Guys!

This week I have another news for you from the Polski Daily website! If you’re interested in learning more about Polish language and culture, you can sign up for weekly newsletters here: polskidaily.eu!

Have you ever heard what Polish people love to do during Autumn, mostly in September and October?
They go on one day trips to the forests to pick mushrooms! Forest mushrooms are very popular around Poland, we add them to different dishes. Although they don’t have any vitamins, they taste great and they add flavour to Polish traditional cuisine! Bigos, pierogi with cabbage and mushrooms or traditional Christmas Eve mushroom soup are the most popular dishes containing mushrooms.

Of course you can just buy mushrooms in a supermarket – dried, pickled or frozen, but many Poles like to pick them themselves, it’s a great opportunity for a trip – you can make a day out of it! You always go early in the morning (to collect the shrooms before everyone else, so that you can get the nicest ones!), you stroll around the forest with a basket and a little knife and pick these charming brown „mushroom hats”! You need to know which ones to pick, or you have to take an illustrated Big Book of Mushrooms with you, as not all of the kinds are edible, some mushrooms are poisonous!

When you get back home, you have to carefully wash the mushrooms, clean them from the soil and grass and boil them, dry them, or pickle them. On that day, the whole house smells amazing!

Do you pick forest mashrooms in your country? Do you like the taste, or maybe you have some nice traditional mashroom dishes? Let me know in the comment! :)