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Does Santa Claus exist?

vor 6 Jahren
Yo-ho-ho! Now, I'm not gonna get involved in the thorny issues surrounding whether obese people can fit down chimneys without getting their white beards covered completely in soot, nor who "buys" or "delivers" the presents, nor even how it can possibly be that so many different-looking individuals around town, sitting in their makeshift grottos at this time of year claim to be he.

I'm interested in a much more important, fundamental question: does Santa Claus exist, or doesn't he?

I myself would assert that neither I nor anybody knows for sure whether or not Santa Claus exists, as I have yet to be presented with definitive evidence either way. Perhaps you are more confident in your assertion of his existence, or indeed, maybe in your assertion of his non-existence. So, please present that evidence here and take a shot at persuading me and some of the other honest-to-goodness undecideds.