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4 years ago

I confess: I talk to my dog

I say hello when I get home and she greets me so happily as only a dog can do it. I say good bye to her when I leave (especially when everybody leaves and she is left at home all by herself ("we'll be back soon, be a good girl") and I talk her off when she barks ("I'm trying to work here, you bad girl!" or, "Is someone invading your turf, you silly pooch?"). I know, I know, it's so silly. But she looks like she understands... at least the tone of my voice - and my daughter's, and especially, my husband's voice and, mind you, some specific words, such as: "Hungry?", "Speak", "Sit", "Out?", "Poop, pee-pee?", "Go to bed", "Eat your bone", "good girl!" and "bad girl!"

Do you own a dog? Or... does your dog own you?
Do you talk to your dog?
Do you ever hug your dog or hold his/her paw while you are watching a movie?