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"Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" by Richard Carlson

6 years ago
The Next Time You Find Yourself in an Argument, Rather than Defend Your Position, See if
You Can See the Other Point of View First

“It’s interesting to consider that when you disagree with someone, the person you are disagreeing with is every bit as certain of his or her position as you are of yours. Yet we always take sides — ours! This is our egos’s way of refusing to learn anything new. It’s also a habit that creates a lot of unnecessary stress”.

“The first time I consciously tried the strategy of seeing the other point of view first, I found out something truly wonderful: It didn’t hurt, and it brought me closer to the person with whom I was disagreeing”.

“When you understand other positions and points of view, several wonderful things begin to happen. First, you often learn something new. You expand your horizons. Second, when the person you are talking to feels listened to, he or she will appreciate and respect your far more than when you habitually jump in with your own position. Jumping in only makes him or her more determined and defensive. Almost always, is you are softer, the other person will be softer too”.