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Easy beginner way : Futur and past only using the present tense

2 years ago
Dear every French beginner student
My students (online and in real) often tell me that one of the difficult thing about learning French is the various verb tense.
However, for beginners I often recommend using the present to express the futur and the past.
In fact, perfecting the verb aller (go) and venir (come) will enable you to express the near futur (futur proche) and the recent past (passé récent).
In fact Je vais aller au cinéma (I will go to the cinema) is an example of the near futur, and je viens de sortir du cinéma (I just left the cinema) is an example of the recent past.
So the easy way here is that using aller (conjugated) + infinitive can give you the near futur and using venir (conjugated) + de/d' + infinitive can give you the recent past.
Tadah! Here you go, the near futur and the recent past isn't that difficult right?