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English for Beginners (Inglés para principiantes)

2 years ago
Is is a good idea to explain English Grammar in a language the student understands?
¿Es buena idea explicar la gramática inglesa en el idioma del alumno?

I think, sometimes, it helps. It can become really frustrating for adults to learn a second language and not understand one single word. Of course, there's other ways, there's non-verbal language, images, photos, simple exercises. But it is exhausting, both for the teacher and the student.

I know, most people nowadays advocate for full immersion. But the truth remains that an adult newcomer to the language does not possess the facility to absorb, by induction, deduction or any other mental process, that an infant or young child has.

Feel free to express your opinion on this issue here. I'd love to hear what you have to say, whether you are a teacher or a student -- or both!