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English Idioms for Record Breaking Heat!

2 years ago

The United Kingdom, like much of Europe, has been living through a 'heatwave' this week - a continuous temperatures.

However, this particular heatwave has been quite different to what we might expect in July. The United Kingdom normally has quite a moderate climate, but today a measurement of over 40.2 degrees centigrade was recorded in the south of England. This is a record high temperature, and 2 degrees hotter than the record prior to this week!

The people of this country are not used to such temperatures, and most of us think it is far too hot to enjoy the sunshine. So here are some hot weather idioms that I have heard over the past week:

  • 'It's (swear word) boiling.'
  • 'It's (swear word) roasting.'
  • 'I am sweating bullets.'
  • 'I am sweating like a pig.'
  • 'It is scorching.'
  • 'The heat is on.'
  • 'It is hot enough to scald a lizard.'
  • 'It is hotter than hell.'
  • 'It is a real dog burner.'
And finally, euphemistic speech is very important in native English speech, so a construction worker who was 'sweating like a pig' told me "It's a bit warm."

What are your favourite hot weather expressions, in English or in any other language?