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English Speaking countries around the world

4 years ago
English Speaking countries around the world...

It's well known that in England and America they speak English, but did you know there are lots of other countries out there that speak English too and they have their own traditions.
Let's have a sneaky peek...
Canada, similarly to America celebrates Thanksgiving. On this day Turkey families hold a big dinner where Turkey and Pumpkins are eaten. It's actually considered a more important meal than Christmas. However, did you know that Canada also have a lot of French influence, in fact, it's their second language, so especially in the Quebec region its typical to see food like Poutine and Maple Syrup! - Yum!
Fiji - islands miles and miles away from England, situated off the coast of Australia you can find Fiji. Their official languages are English and Fijian. Their most famous traditional ceremony is the Yaqona. It is a drinking ceremony. The drink is made from the pounded roots of a local pepper plant mixed with water and is consumed from a communal coconut shell in a ceremony visitors are invited to participate in.
Ghana - Ghana is found in Africa and although its official language is English, it has more than 17 national languages! Did you know that people who are from Ghana are keen on sharing, sharing EVERYTHING, and if you interrupt a Ghanian while eating then no doubt he will invite you to join him.