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Feature Requests. Flashcards

6 years ago
I do not use the current flashcards extensively because it is a too long way to go. Right now, if I see the word I want to add to the cards, I have to select the text and add it to the buffer, go to the Dashboard, click the Flashcards then enter it and fill all the fields manually.

I think, most information might be prefilled in the flashcard widget taken from the public source's.

There are many ways how flashcards might be used for self-education. So, the content of the card might be different. I see the following field set for the widget:
1. transliteration
2. translation to native language(s)
3. definition(s)
4. examples of use
5. synonyms and antonyms

People should be able to select which field they want to the see on the cards depends on the purpose of usage.

Canvas Apps.
If you allow third-party developers to add their apps to the verbling.com canvas, they will offer a dozen of use cases how to utilize the card metadata.

Invoke the flashcard widget from any page of the site.
Earlier, we discussed about Star menu ( https://www.verbling.com/thread/5ac806406c5589000ca74ecf ). I suggest it might be extended with "Add to Flashcards" button. So, people will be able to add a new card just selecting the word in the text.

Add a flashcard from any other internet site.
Moreover, you can develop Chrome or/and Firefox extensions. So, people will be able to select the word everywhere on the internet to add a new card.

Social Aspect:
So far, I can add the cards one-by-one solely for myself. What if students and teachers are able to collect cards (based on topics and so on) and that share those sets with others? If might attract new students to the teachers, BTW. People should be able to subscribe to new cards and add them to their own set if desired.