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For Verbling to implement (suggestions)

3 years ago
Dear Verbling team,

I've done over 800 or more hours on Verbling, and there are features I would like and cannot see a downside to, so please implement them:

1) An automatic countdown timer appears in the last 1 minute of the class and when it reaches zero, the class automatically automatically switches to the next class.
RATIONAL: Classes never end on time, always 3 or more minutes late because we miss the time or we're still speaking on a topic, etc. Then when the class ends, I have to click to finish it, then go to the page and start the next class and then click join. Three clicks is a lot.

2) Please allow 30 minute classes. Several incredibly busy students only wants 30 minute classes, and I had to unschedule their classes after 30minutes so they could reschedule them again, and then we will finish the classes 30 minutes early because we've already done 30 minutes.

3) Please allow an 'internet speed test' and also pinpoint if the connection problem is mine or the students. I swear my internet is good, but we never know whose problem the connection is and students say its mine, but it isn't mine.