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Friday Musings & Guilty Pleasures (+ vocabulary expansion)

3 years ago
I am sitting in a sun-drenched window, sipping a coffee and pondering whether I will be the first person to get heatstroke in -26 (yes, minus 26 degrees Celsius- with the windchill) when there is a frostbite warning in effect. Whatever the outcome, I am not willing to move to a dark corner of this cafe. Vitamin D is in short supply in Canada in the winter and I am taking the risk!

I am also indulging in a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie.. and I am wondering what your guilty pleasures are? How do you treat yourself at the end of a long day or week?

Also, just to indulge me, where do you draw the line between enough and too much when it comes to your guilty pleasures. I.e., when does indulgence become overindulgence?

Would love to know your thoughts! Happy February :)