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Fridge vocabulary

Hi everyone!
This is an unusual question. They say you need to surround yourself with English. So, the story is my fridge got broken. I called the repairman and he came and installed a cold evaporator plate inside the fridge. However, the fridge isn't working properly, and I paid a lot of money i.e. 40% of the cost of a new fridge. Surrounding myself with English I decided to watch some videos on YT on how people install evaporator plate inside the fridge. The reason for this is that freon in the pipes at the back of the fridge which are hidden and are unaccessible is leaking somewhere.
Anyway, there are hundreds of such videos in Russian, but I couldn't find any of the videos in English.
Does it mean that people in English-speaking countries don't install this evaporator plate? It seems like you guys have some other types of the fridge.
Could you write the exact model of the fridge you are using for me to get more familiar with the topic?
Thank you!