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Friendship: Can you describe different types of relationships?

6 years ago
Describing a relationship sometimes can be tricky, if you don't know the right words. Try using these, and write some examples of your own. Then, talking about relationships will be easier!

Make friends
When you go to college you make lots of new friends.
I've never been good at making friends because I am rather shy.

Strike up a friendship
John struck up a friendship with our neighbors' kids.
Children often strike up a friendship with other children at the park.

Form/develop a friendship
Julia formed a lasting friendship with the boy she sat next to at primary school.
We were classmates for several years, but we never developed a close friendship.

Spoil a friendship
Spending too many days on holiday together has spoiled their friendship.
They used to be close friends, but sharing an apartment spoiled their friendship.

A friendship grows
We were at school together, but our friendship only grew when we both became cheerleaders.
We met last summer and since then our friendship has kept growing. We talk every day.

Close friends
We were classmates, but we were never close friends.
My sister is my closest friend. She is the one I call when I have something good or bad to share.

A casual acquaintance
I don't know Mike well, we've only crossed a few words. We are only casual acquaintances.
Neighbors used to be much closer in the past. Nowadays, they are just casual acquaintances.

Have a good relationship with
My daughter has a very good relationship with her cousins, even though they don't see each other often because they live far from us.
We are only workmates, but we have a very good relationship.

Stay in touch
We met during a trip to Morocco, and we've always stayed in touch by mail or telephone.
She still stays in touch with her Grammar school classmates. They meet once a year every year.

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