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Giving Website Links or Not: Which Is Better For Students?

6 years ago
I've just finished writing an article for English language learners... and in the article I offer a number of websites that I think might be helpful for students. I also include the links to those websites.

The main reason I've included the links is because I think that a student might struggle with online searches in English and be overwhelmed with the results, the language, and the options. I mean, I struggle with sifting through search results... and I've got tons of experience.

So, I'm wondering:
  • Students: Do you struggle with online search results and finding what you're looking for in English? What would you like teachers to provide?
  • Teachers: What are your observations?

Is providing links for students a good idea... or is the 'struggle to learn' strategy maybe useful here?

Thanks for reading! And i'd love it if you'd take a moment to reply!!! ☺️