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Global Employment is Rising But Wages Are Not

6 years ago
A record of people around the world have jobs, but wages are still low. Many companies are having a hard time filling the newer high skills positions that do provide higher pay. With the global economy relatively slow compared to years and decades past, wage growth is not growing much at all, especially with lower skilled lower wage jobs. The demand for jobs is mostly for all types of service positions and is forecasted to continue long-term. If you want to earn more money in your job profession career, learning and improving your skills for this century new high skilled jobs is a must. Some of the most in demand service jobs are in healthcare, technology such as web mobile developers, designers, writers, virtual assistants, customer service agents, sale marketing experts, and finance medical technology consultants. Having adequate English skills in the global economy is vital also. I teach students not only valuable English skills to communicate in the worldwide economy now, but also help them with understanding employment trends moving into the future so they can make the best decisions for their future.

I am happy to help you improve your English skills, and your skills to be successful in all your future endeavors of career and lifestyle. Review my schedule availability and choose dates times that you prefer.