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Good English Podcasts to Practice Listening

5 years ago
What can you do to practice listening when you are not in a class here? Here are some ideas of some excellent podcasts to start listening to daily to increase your skills. Remember being a good listener makes you a better speaker.

I often tell my students they need to keep listening logs of these things. If you need more help setting one up, then sign up for a lesson, and I will show you how.

Podcasts: They’re getting more and more popular all the time.
  • Serial – A super popular podcast. A crime story told over several episodes. Interesting story, includes information about American culture, but has some “adult” and/or controversial material.
  • This American Life – The classic podcast. Stories from around America that are sometimes serious, sometimes funny, and sometimes both.
  • Revisionist History – Malcolm Gladwell’s new podcast. In-depth stories about different phenomena. Most recently had a three part series about college education inequality in America.
  • Planet Money – For students who want to study business, but also for everyone else. Stories about money and business that are actually fun and interesting. Also shorter than most podcasts (about 20 minutes or less on average). Part of the huge NPR network, which has tons of other things for students to listen to.
  • A Way With Words – A podcast for the word nerds. The hosts have conversations about strange or interesting phrases or etymologies. There are callers and word games as well.
I hope this helps. Good luck! If you need to practice speaking the things you hear, or need more general tips, then definitely see me about it.