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Have you been on holiday yet this summer?

5 years ago
Hi everybody! Right off the bat, I'm sorry for the false assumptions which are inherent in the question I'm asking: of course, for many of you reading this it's winter right now; and for plenty of others of you there's no meaningful difference between what some of us might call "summer" or "winter".

But anyhow, here in Europe it's currently summertime. And a lot of people (myself among them!) are away on holiday. My family and I decided to drive to the south of Spain and sleep in a tent for two weeks in a beach town on the Costa Blanca. The heat is pretty intolerable, but there's a swimming pool on the campsite and we're 10 minutes' walk away from the beach, where we go swimming almost every day.

How about you? Are you on holiday right now? Are you going on holiday soon? Did you have your holiday earlier in the year? Where did you go? Did you enjoy it?