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Have you ever experienced culture shock?

6 years ago
Around 2 years ago, I visited Colombia for the first time. I had always heard that Colombians are notorious for being late and showing up at any given time, for better or for worse. Not only did I find this to be true but it was very frustrating for me the first few months. As an American, if someone is more than 15 or 20 minutes late we tend to think something happened, or maybe that we've been blown off or the other person forgot, and we might send a text or try to call the other person. Colombians would not even blink an eye at this! Many people often showed up an hour or even an hour and a half "late" and walked in like nothing even happened! This was amazing to me. My one track American mind wondered how anything got done? After awhile, I began to love their fluid perception of time and how they all seemed to live in the moment. If something happened, it happened. If not, it's okay, it could wait for tomorrow. Today, I think I've taken the best from both worlds. I still like to be on time but this has definitely changed my view of "time."

Have you ever experienced culture shock? How did it effect and/or change you?