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Have you ever tried rhubarb?

a year ago
Hey Guys!

Did you know rhubarb is a thing in Poland? And now it’s the rhubarb season in full blossom! Rhubarb has many uses in Polish cuisine! You can make rhubarb jam (goes great with crepes with cottage cheese or mascarpne!), you can bake a cake or rolls (the ones from yeast dough) and spread some rhubarb on the top of them. It also works great as a „kompot” - so kind of a home made fruit juice. The most important thing is that, as soon as you buy it, you need to rip the leaves off the rhubarb, as they are toxic and inedible! Afterwards, you can wash the stems, cut them in little peaces and fry on a dry pan with some sugar – you will lick you’re fingers while eating it, I promise!

This kind of fun facts about Poland and Polish culture you can find on Polski Daily website (https://www.polskidaily.eu/) and it the newsletter, if you sign up. Remember that learning a language is much easier if you learn a bit about the culture as well ;)

Happy Tuesday!