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Have you read any great books lately? Here's one you'll love...

4 years ago
Hi everybody!

Do you enjoy reading a good novel? I'd like to recommend an excellently thrilling, funny, romantic, sexy one which you'll like a lot.

It was written a few years ago by my close friend, Glitt O'Rourke; it was her first novel, and it's a gem.

Glitt writes with a firm grounding in gritty, funny, ugly, beautiful realism, so that even the passages of her stories which delve somewhat into fantasy feel, from the reader's perspective, very real and plausible and scarily, funnily true. Some of the vocabulary Glitt uses (as is the case with any fiction or non-fiction you'll ever read) will be a challenge, but as I'm intimately familiar with everything Glitt has ever written, you can feel free to ask me to explain anything-and-everything which isn't clear to you. (Just send me a PM with your question about whatever is unclear to you).
"The Garcia Effect - Diary of a Serial Killer" (2014) is available on Amazon; it's an e-book and is only available in that format, so you can't currently buy it in the old-fashioned, traditional, tree-assassinating format. It will cost you only $3.85, which is the price of a frappuccino; moreover, Glitt makes the following promise to all her readers: "If, after reading The Garcia Effect, you don't consider it to be one of the ten most important books you've ever read, I'll give you back your frappuccino, no questions asked".

The subject matter of The Garcia Effect is very dark: you spend the entire novel sitting on the shoulder of a serial killer, seeing the world as he sees it, and sympathizing with his troubles and dilemmas, having to learn as you go the fundamentals of body-disposal, coming to terms with incarceration, seeking redemption in eventually turning sleuth, discovering the importance of fomenting and counting on strong friendships, and, of course, falling in love and dealing with the grief which inevitably, painfully accompanies the sudden and unexpected deaths of your lovers. There are plenty of jokes and funny anecdotes along the way too, of course; stories within stories. Glitt has a wicked sense of humour.
(The protagonist, Martin, is an English teacher, btw, but don't worry, Verbling students - he only ever murders ONE of his students, and only then because she was excessively boring and annoying!)
Check it out, and let me know how you're enjoying it.