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Hello, My name is Malko and I am from Montreal, Quebec Canada. I am a Canadian ESL teacher . I have been teaching English for the past 10 years in Thailand, Spain, China, Brazil, and Indonesia. I speak fluently in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. I enjoy talking about all topics and love meeting new English students from all countries. My favourite hobbies in life are travelling, listening to music and cooking. But I'm mostly interested to help you with SPEAKING CORRECTION and practice, GRAMMAR, or IELTS/CELPIP preparation. Thanks for viewing my profile!
Me as a Teacher
-I decided to become a teacher and travel around the world because it's a fun experience to help people from all around the world to improve their skills in my native language. I've successfully opened my own business and have taught English all around the world.I am patience, easy to talk to, very flexible with what you prefer to do in class, and I fully believe that every student is able to learn. Don’t be afraid if you find it difficult to talk, I am here to help you. I love teaching!
-I have ESL certification and many years worth of experience teaching students from many countries around the world. If you are anxious to have a lesson, don't worry! I won't judge your speaking abilities!
My Lessons & Teaching Style
-I use off2class to teach grammar. It includes interactive homework assigned after class.
-Conversation practice is straightforward, we can just chat, or engage in a educational speaking class which includes PDFS with various topics and new words to learn. A perfect choice if you have limited vocab in various areas of life.
-IELTS Speaking classes can teach you the criteria, and help you with valuable practice and speaking structures. The IELTS Writing classes are for essay correction.
-CELPIP classes are designed to help you practice both speaking and writing. I have a lot of materials to help you.
I'm a relaxed teacher, but I want to help you learn and improve English
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