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2 months ago
1. Learn in chunks.
2. Repeat, repeat, repeat.
3. Get a basic framework of essential grammar and vocabulary.
4. Personalize everything.
5. Once you have your basic framework, expose yourself to vocabulary through listening and reading.
6. When reading and listening take notes on essential words, make a list of new words.
7. Look up those words and focus on them until you remember them.
8. Practice your new knowledge in a meaningful way. Talk to people, make friends, be curious about the world and interact with it in a way that you find meaningful.
9. Do not ever be negative about your learning. If I am at ZERO it means I have a wonderful journey still ahead of me and there is no limit to the amount of time you need to achieve your goal. Learning is a life long process. We learn something new every day.
10. Choose only the best teacher with a million years of experience and the highest qualifications, but do not expect that the teacher can upload the information to your brain. A teacher can walk with you, ultimately it is your journey, so take control of it and enjoy it.