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How are you dealing with the quarantine? Are you learning more these days?

2 years ago

How is life going during the quarantine? Do you struggle with spending all the time at home? I think it's a great opportunity to learn some Polish!

I'm Paulina - Polish teacher and a strong believer in podcasts as a great way of learning, catching up on new vocab and getting up to speed with natives talking around! Also, thanks to podcasts, you learn grammar without forcing yourself to memorize the rules – it just comes naturally!

Every week I record a podcast episode. The last one is about a hot summer day and a train commute – interested? Did you know that almost 2000 students listen to my podcast every week? That's super exciting! On my website you can find a community of Polish learners eager to help you with their advise or support – we all know how tough it can get when you study.
So if you are willing to try learning with podcasts - please visit my website
https://www.polskidaily.eu/polish-podcast/ or simply search for Polski Daily in Spotify, Itunes, Google Podcast or any other app you use to listen to podcasts!
During the quarantine we should all stay together and support each other. That's why if you subscribe to my website now, you can use the code: StayHomeLearnPolish and get 15% off! Let's all #stayathome and #learnpolish :)
I'll be very happy if you join the community of my listeners! <3